This is your year


National Financial Credit Group offers professional credit counselling and permanent credit repair to all our customers.

We offer an experienced financial education and bankruptcy advice as well for people with credit issues. Our program has been incredibly successful, over the last 10+ years, in helping people qualify – quickly and completely – for mortgages they can afford for life.

If you’re a real estate agent, and one of our partners, that can mean a considerable bump (up to 20% on average) in your closing rate and business!

Adam Briggs and his team had excellent communication and took quick action to repair my credit. He was able to explain the process in simple terms and while he didn’t make any guarantees, he was able to clear up everything in only 20 days. He even gave tips and recommendations to get more points on my credit score without much effort on my end. I would recommend NFCG and their team to anyone who is looking to get mortgage ready.
— Joel | Mortgage Broker

Partnership Benefits


Buyer Transformations
When you partner with National, as a real estate agent, you have a professional resource that can handle all of your unqualified clients, and turn them into buyers. Unlike other credit repair operations, taking a buyer from “credit issues” to “pre-approved” takes only a matter of months (approximately 6 months), not years.  


Less Distraction
While we are helping your customers to permanently restore their credit and increase their spending limits, you can eliminate distraction and focus on other real estate deals and transactions that are “market ready” and moving faster.  

Continuous Involvement & Loyalty
When the unqualified clients are now “mortgage ready,” we send them back to you, and keep you tied into their whole process as much as you would like to be involved with our easy-to-access Online Portal. That way, when they are ready, you can give them an uninterrupted transition into the world of home buying and home ownership.



or feel free to call us at (800) 431-0449 and mention our referral partner program.