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If you’re a mortgage professional who’s ready to take your business to the next level, consider a partnership with National Financial Credit Group!

As America’s Best Kept Secret, we offer our valued partners benefits you won’t find every day, and a reciprocal business relationship that could boost your revenue by up to 20%. Interested? Take some time to discover why mortgage brokers across the nation are proud to call National their trusted friends and business partners!

One of the functions of my responsibility as a loan officer is to get my clients ready for the homebuying process. Many times I heard all that needs to be overcome as a dressing problematic credit issues from the past.

It’s for this reason that I’m super thankful that I found National FCG as a partner and helping my clients. Through the help that Chris and Adam have given my clients they have gone from being unable to obtain a mortgage to being pre-approved and Home ready with their credit cleaned and repaired.

I thoroughly recommend Chris and Adam for their work and helping my loan clients jump over the hurdle of bad credit and onto the opportunity of homeownership!
— Joe B | Mass Loan Officer

Why Partner with National Financial Credit Group?


“Mortgage Readiness”
Over the last 10+ years, National has developed a sophisticated program that is proven to eliminate debt, and put potential home buyers with credit issues back into a “mortgage ready” position. Unlike other credit repair companies, our fast and efficient process can happen in as little as 6 months, not the standard waiting period of more than a year (our record stands at 18 days).


Increased Closings
By working with National, your clients become ready to take on mortgage payments, fast. Good credit, average credit, credit issues, our transparent program works with everyone, and puts them back in good standing with a plan for the future so that they can make the big purchases they want. What are Mortgage-Ready clients worth to you?

Lifelong Customer Loyalty
National can assist your company in creating a loyal relationship with each of your clients with our one-to-one customized repair process. We walk them through everything and tie you into their progress from start to finish for a seamless, timely transition from credit repair to closing.


Less Work & Peace of Mind
When you run someone’s credit report, and they’re not ready or able to buy, what’s your next move? Explain it to them with apologies and let them walk out the door? Not anymore! By working with National, you now have a professional, legitimate way help those interested clients to get from where they are to where they need to be, so you can make their dreams of homeownership come true! No more denials, wasted time, and fruitless searches that keep costing you time and money.


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