Right Now is your chance


As a Certified Public Accountant, you deal with the record and flow of money, every day.

You don’t mind complexity, but you like to keep things organized, simplified, and, if possible, debt-free. When your client has their finances in order, it makes your life much easier, and you’re able to provide solid opinions and perspectives on the next possible, lucrative financial steps.

Conversely, when one of your clients has credit issues and no education or plan about how to handle their money or future payments, your job can get tough. Organization can turn downright ugly and no matter what opinion you may have, it will never quite be good news.

At National Financial Credit Group (National), we understand, and we want to help!

Our organization not only offers beneficial partnerships for CPAs across the nation, but also an easy-to-use program for customers with credit issues that educates them about the right kinds of money management strategies to make them more financially savvy overall.

Your whole team led by Chris has done a “fabulous job.”

I look forward to referring solid people who may have had issues with their credit.

In the interim I look forward to working with your office on various projects (ie real estate, branding etc).

Thanks for your cooperation and “expert advice.”

Respectfully yours
— Lou | Client

The Benefits of Partnering with National


The Complete Package
As our partner, you can offer your clients a referral to a professional organization with the tools and resources to completely transform their credit and financial standing. With this assistance at hand, you’re providing not only your exceptional CPA services, but also the education your clients need to manage their money more appropriately and eliminate their debt. It’s the complete package!

Our $50 Referral Bonus
For every successful referral you send to National, you get a $50 referral commission! That’s FREE money for you and a lifetime of financial security and good standing for your customers.


or feel free to call us at (800) 431-0449 and mention our referral partner program.