Why should I enroll with National Financial Credit Group?

National Financial Credit Group was founded on a genuine, honest business model to provide the best possible service. Our lead generation is solely from “word of mouth” and has been successful for 10+ years, based solely on referrals.

Our one-of-a-kind portal system keeps you in control of your repair process and gives you an easy-to-understand explanation of your results. Unlike other credit repair companies, we not only remove the negative items on your report but effectively help to add positive items and manage open accounts to educate you on maintaining excellent credit.

Most importantly, we set realistic expectations and execute them with the utmost efficiency to get you to your goals as soon as humanly possible!



How much does it cost?

Although we don’t publish our rates, we customize your repair with a very affordable one price fits all. Please call us!



Do you offer a Guarantee?

Yes! We offer a 100% money-back guarantee of the monthly payments if we do not remove a single item (which we said we could remove) in your contract. We also guarantee our impeccable service and transparent process! We guarantee that we will work to the best of our ability to help you repair your credit in the fastest possible time frame with the utmost efficiency, so that you can achieve your financial goals. We guarantee that once you enroll with us, we will be your professional support for the rest of your life.

For more information concerning our proven debt relief and credit-rebuilding process, or to schedule your FREE phone consultation with a professional from National Financial Credit Group, please call us at 800-431-0449.



What makes you different from other credit repair services?

People, process, and portal! The National team is dedicated to your financial success, and we educate and inform you through every step. Our process has been tested and improved over 10+ years, allowing us to guarantee positive results for you. What truly sets us apart from other credit repair services is our proprietary portal. The portal provides 100% transparency into the process - allowing you to see progress throughout the credit repair process as it happens. Through the portal, you can coordinate with your National team member, which helps us to repair your credit in the fastest time frame.