How our repair process works


Part One

Declined! There are very few things in life that are more disappointing than being told you can’t achieve your goals, for example, purchasing your first car or closing on your dream home. Here at National Financial Credit Group we understand the frustration of past financial hardships impacting your current credit picture. Partner up with us and use our 13+ years of experience to guide you through the difficult process of repairing your credit. You Don’t Have To Let Your Past Financial Hardships Dictate Your Future. We can help!


Part Two

National Financial Credit Group (National) looks at your credit picture and identifies your problem areas as well as educates you on how to maintain your current credit status. We see the whole picture from the changing guidelines of the credit bureaus to the hardships that you’ve faced so we can repair your credit in the best manner. Once we determine you are a candidate, we will work on your behalf to start to remove these damaging accounts so that you can achieve your financial dreams! How will we do it?... Stay tuned until next time!


Part Three

National Financial Credit Group’s enhanced efficiency provides legal backing to permanently delete all items, on all 3 credit bureaus, immediately. With National’s 100% transparent process, you are in control of your future and you can finally realize that your dreams ARE possible! You’ve seen yourself progress further than you ever imagined possible already, but there is still some more work to be done. Come now, we’re almost there!


Part Four

Here it is! The day the biggest item on your credit report is removed! You’re over the biggest hurdle and understand that there is hope for people who feel like their dreams are unreachable. You only have a few items left to be removed and you are ready to make your dreams your reality. However, patience is important during this process. You must remember that it took you your whole lifetime to create these negative accounts and we’re working as fast as humanly possible. The good news is that with our 100% transparent portal system you can follow and understand your progress, so you never feel out of the loop. You Found Us, We’re Helping You, And You’re Almost There. Stay tuned to find out the best next step!


Part Five

National Financial Credit Group removed 90% of your items and you are almost at the point of which you can get your dreams ‘approved’. We provide you with the tools to add positive points to your score and give you advice in regards to more beneficial money management habits. You start to tell your friends and family about your success with your credit improving and they ask you how you did it. You are now able to share your immediate positive experiences with them so that they can enjoy the same financial freedom you are receiving!


Part Six

The day is here! NFCG removed all your items and we are ready to see your credit report. Your score skyrockets to the top and your report is picked clean so that you can have the best possible credit. You are educated on how to maintain your positive credit report and have everything you need to achieve your financial dreams! You tell everyone you know that National Financial Credit Group (National) set realistic expectations, gave you 100% transparency, and repaired your credit as fast as humanly possible.

This could be you…


We have developed a proven process that can help anyone with a social security number and the desire for good credit.

It is designed to rebuild credit, help manage money more responsibly, and eliminate debt, fast.

National seeks to change lives by helping good people that have had bad economic situations negatively affect their credit. We help people obtain a fresh start at having good credit and achieve their financial goals and dreams through professional guidance teamed with integrity, honesty, and ethical service.

The first step towards a better financial future is the most important, but it can also be the toughest. You have to WANT to make the major changes in your life - to save more, make the right choices concerning your spending, and develop the dedication and commitment to see those choices come to real fruition.

Once you understand how valuable having good credit is, National Financial Credit Group will take care of the rest!