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As a tax attorney, you live by the letter of the law. You interpret it for your clients. You let them know what is and isn’t possible under the rules of the Federal Government, and provide them with the best course of action to protect their financial interests.

National Financial Credit Group (National) looks for that kind of experience and legal expertise from all our tax attorney partners!

As America’s Best Kept Secret, we operate to the letter of the law to help your clients in the best manner possible. Like professional tax attorneys, we provide an important financial education and give our customers the resources and insights they need to stay on the right side of debt - and even become prosperous!

Having tax attorneys as our partners only enhances the experience for our customers and shows them that we are serious about improving their financial future – legally, safely, and permanently.

Hi Adam,
Thank you again. At this time I would like to end my account with you as I have experienced great results. I appreciate all your help and guidance in increasing my credit score and removing old damaging creditors. I would recommend you guys to everyone I know. You and your team have helped our family to finally get our mortgage! Thanks and gratitude can not be expressed enough. We will be in touch if necessary for my husbands credit next.
Thank you again
— Melissa | Client

Why Partner with National Financial Credit Group?


Fewer Headaches
An educated client is a safe client. Through our programs, we teach our customers what they need to know to stay out of harm’s way, and out of court. We set realistic expectations with them and execute those expectations with the utmost efficiency and integrity. Your clients are happier with you because you showed them the way, and we guide them from making any further legal messes that you need to clean up. Working in tandem with us compliments your business.


The Useful Referral
National has ALWAYS been a word of mouth business. Our reciprocal relationships with our tax attorney partners have provided the referrals we need to keep our doors open. But our doors revolve as well! As part of this “total package” deal, our customers get the financial guidance of our proven program and the tax attorney resources they need to secure the future for themselves and their loved ones.

Extra Tool in your Toolbox
National Financial Credit Group can step in on behalf of our customers and our partners at any time and at the level they need. With our easy-to-use, Online Portal, we keep you involved and by your client’s side every step of the way. Using our sophisticated program, we can help to eliminate tax liens, stop collection calls and harassment, offer alternatives to bankruptcy, and aid in starting new businesses. Most (if not all) of these forms of assistance require a trained legal expert. We have the tools, let’s connect!


or feel free to call us at (800) 431-0449 and mention our referral partner program.