Take Potential Clients Across the Finish Line

If you work in finance or real estate chances are you have seen your fair share of clients who are looking to move forward with their goals but are held back due to bad credit. But what if instead of passing on these potential clients you can convert them into real business?

Here at National FCG we partner with mortgage brokers and real estate agents like you to take potential clients and make them loan or mortgage ready - increasing your bottom line up to 20 percent.

Turning No Into Yes!

So why work with National FCG? We can increase your business... it's that simple. Instead of turning away business due to credit you can refer them on and in only a matter of months they can go from poor credit to pre-approved. After we help them take care of the credit you can help them realize their dreams!

Customer Loyalty

Being told no because you are unqualified is a lousy feeling. Helping an unqualified customer become qualified is a small amount of additional effort on your end that will dramatically increase customer loyalty and referrals. After we are finished working with clients on their credit we send them back to you immediately ensuring that you can provide them uninterrupted service. Plus, customers who have had a good experience and feel like they were really taken care of are far more likely to do business with you again and refer your services on to friends and family.

Free Up Your Time

Once you identify a client as unqualified you can immediately send them to us and get back to your other clients that are market ready. You can be converting unqualified clients while taking no extra time away from your work with qualified buyers. This way you can provide an excellent level of customer service for those who are ready to buy now while also taking care of those who will be back to buy in a few months.

Are you ready to increase revenue and boost customer loyalty and referrals? Give us a call at 800-431-0449 or send us a message through our website to learn more about our referral program. Additionally, have a look at testimonials from a few of our current partners and clients.