Invest in Your Clients and They Will Invest in You

It's no secret that good customer service can make or break a business. If you are a real estate agent or mortgage broker the personal service you provide is critical to your success in the long run.

Keeping customers happy is a long term investment. According to Accenture 55% of U.S. consumers express loyalty by recommending the brands and companies they love to family friends. That kind of word-of-mouth marketing is crucial to keeping business coming through the door year after year as the housing market waxes and wanes.

One way to provide a service above and beyond the competition is by taking special interest in clients that may not be qualified to buy right now. Those who may have made some poor financial decisions in the past are not lost business when you partner with National FCG. You simply send them to us, freeing you up to work with other clients, and we help them repair their credit getting them into buying shape. Once we are finished we immediately refer them back to you so you can secure them a home or mortgage.

According to Forrester Research a stronger emotional connection to a brand or business is a more powerful factor in loyalty than ease or effectiveness of the transaction. What that means is that taking a little extra time to connect with your clients and help them succeed will only benefit you in the long-term.

Are you ready to increase revenue and boost customer loyalty and referrals? Give us a call at 800-431-0449 or send us a message through our website to learn more about our referral program. Additionally, have a look at testimonials from a few of our current partners and clients.