Save More During Back-To-School


It’s that time of year! Back-to-school shopping is well under way and you will probably spend way too much on school supplies. How can you make better choices this school year?

The average American spends $122.13 per child on back-to-school supplies according to the National Retail Federation, not including tech and clothing. That’s a good amount of cash! Getting all the supplies your child will need doesn’t have to break the bank. Hit the stores with a little strategy in mind to stay on budget this year.

Brand Name Doesn’t Matter Much

Do you have a tendency to buy brand-name items? Ditch it. Buying store brand will save you across the board and give you the same quality you are looking for. Markers, crayons, binders and paper are all items that don’t necessarily need to be brand name to work well. Store brand items are often significantly cheaper and that savings can accumulate quickly.

Compare Store-To-Store Prices

Every store that sells school supplies will be having some kind of sale so keep track! Make a list of what you need and compare prices in the stores you would normally shop at. You never know what you can save unless you do a little investigating. You will probably see that shopping at places like Target or WalMart will save you the most but it all depends on the weekly specials and what stores are nearby.

Wait And Buy Later

Buying school supplies after school has started is a great way to only buy what your kid will actually need. Traditionally kids are sent home from the first week of school with a list of what they will need for each class. If you wait for the list you won’t overspend on things they don’t need. Additionally, prices tend to drop after the shopping rush so you may be able to save even more.

Ignore The Trends

There is always some trend kids will push for when it comes to back-to-school shopping and they will always come with a higher price tag. Does your kid really need a holographic folder? Scented markers? Compromise and get them one item of their choosing while making all the rest of the decisions. This will only save you a few bucks but they add up!

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