My Credit Application Got Rejected - What Does That Mean?


Rejection is never fun and sometimes it can be a little scary. If you have ever applied for a credit card and have been rejected you were probably worried that meant something was wrong with your finances. So what effect, if any, does a rejection have on your finances and what does it mean to be rejected?

Why Was I Rejected?

You’ve found a card you want and have submitted the application but the response you’ve received isn’t what you expected - rejected. Is that as scary as it sounds?

You can be rejected for a number of reasons from your financial history to simply filling out a form incorrectly. Just because you’ve been rejected doesn’t mean there is anything wrong with your credit. Some lenders have parameters for who they lend to and you might not have met them. A rejection sounds much scarier than it actually is.

Does It Hurt My Score?

Generally, no, a rejection does not impact your credit score. What does impact your score are credit applications and hard inquiries that can add up if you are rejected and apply for another card. Look into why you were rejected and use that information to inform your next decision. You will be able to find the qualifications and parameters for different banks and lenders wherever you apply. If you apply to the right one then you won’t risk those applications piling up.

It is always worth it to do the homework ahead of time rather than blindly applying for credit cards that sound nice.

What Do I Do Now?

A rejection is a great opportunity to learn. Maybe you don’t have a long credit history, or a credit utilization ratio that is too high. This is a great chance to find a problem area in your credit and pay it a little more attention. This can also give you more insight to what you are actually qualified for. Take the time to look into your rejection and your overall credit and take stock of what is there. Credit is often something we ignore until a light is shined on it.

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