Debt Diversity & Your Credit Score


We all know that on-time payments and low balances are the key to a high credit score but what impact, if any, does the variety of credit and debt have on the score?

One of the ways creditors evaluate your financial health is by looking at the mix of credit you have taken out. This includes credit cards, personal loans, mortgages, car payments, student loans and more. Essentially the more diverse your mix of debt is the better it reflects on your credit score and credit report.

Why Does Debt Diversity Matter?

When you are applying for a loan or mortgage banks want to see that you are responsible paying off debt of every kind. Each kind of loan or credit has its own payment requirements and together it can show a well-balanced and reliable individual.

If you’ve only ever had one credit card it is hard for lenders to see your habits and reliability beyond that. A good mix of different kinds of debt in good standing paints a more detailed picture.

How Much Of An Impact Does It Have?

Credit mix is fairly important but by no means a major factor in your credit score - it only accounts for around 10 percent of your score. The most important aspects are payment history and credit utilization.

What If I Don’t Have A Good Mix?

If you don’t have a good mix don’t worry too much about it! A good rule of thumb in credit is only having what you need. You don’t need to run out and apply for different kinds of credit cards or loans, in fact that could probably hurt your score. You just need to be mindful of what you are lacking when you are making credit decisions in the future.

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