Spring Cleaning (In Your Wallet)


You are taking the time to clean your home, your car and maybe even your wardrobe - but what about your wallet?

Spring-cleaning is all about de-cluttering your life and that includes your finances. Crack open your wallet (either literally or figuratively) and take a look at what is there and what you really need.

Wallet Clean Out

How many credit cards do you have? How many do you use? If you have more than you use you can probably do away with a few of them. Additionally if you have balances on a number of cards is there an opportunity to consolidate some of that debt on to a card with a lower interest rate? Look at your options to whittle down you cards to a few that are used the most.

But don’t close any of those accounts! Keeping cards without balances active can be beneficial to your credit. Simply pay off the balances, cut up the cards and stop using the account. Make sure there are no annual fees before you begin ignoring any account.

Recurring Charges Review

Another way to clear out the clutter is to take a look at those automatic revolving charges coming out of your accounts every month. Do you use that gym membership? Do you still need that subscription? Sometimes we sign up for something and never look at it again despite it billing to our cards every month. Even if it is just $5 if you don’t use it, get rid of it!

Get Professional!

Sometimes the best way to clean up your credit is to work with a professional who understands the nuances of personal finance and credit scores. If you have been thinking about this then now is the time! Getting your credit report squeaky clean is an ideal way to start off the spring season and get your credit score heading in the right direction.

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