5 Tips For Travel On A Budget

Summer is the time when pretty much everyone has a bit of wanderlust. But if you're on a budget right now or saving for a new home you may not think you have the cash for a trip this season. The truth is you can travel and have a great vacation while sticking to your budget...

1. Pick An Affordable Destination

Look at your budget and think about how much you can spend. You don't have to travel to expensive destinations to get the sun and sand you are looking for. Start closer to home, places that aren't necessarily hotspots with hefty price tags. National parks are a great start!

If you want to travel overseas look around for less expensive cities. For example Porto, Portugal is beautiful and far less expensive than hitting up the more popular travel destinations in Spain and Italy.

2. Don't Waste All Of Your $ Getting There

When it comes to traveling just getting to the destination alone can eat up much of your money. A great way to save is to look at different ways of getting there. For instance if you are going somewhere not too far driving will likely be the cheaper alternative. Don't forget trains and busses! It may take a little longer to get there but you won't waste all your money on a quick flight.

If you are going overseas don't be afraid to check out fares on non-US airlines. Many European airlines offer MUCH cheaper flights, even within the US. And don't be afraid of a layover or two - they can drop the price significantly.

3. Seek Alternative Accommodations 

A five star hotel seems great but if you are going to be out exploring does it matter where you lay your head at night? Look for cheaper places to stay (that don't scare you) like economy hotels or even hostels. You can also find rentals on sites like airbnb.com that are much cheaper than an actual hotel. It's all about the research before you hit the road.

4. Use Public Transportation

Figuring out another city's public transportation has a bit of a learning curve but if you can read directions there is no reason to take expensive taxis and shuttles. Most cities and resort towns have some kind of affordable bus or train service used by locals. Find it and utilize it! A taxi may seem like the easiest way to get around but it will cost you.

5. Avoid Touristy Areas

Tourism is big business all over the world. But if you can avoid those pricey tours or overcrowded spots you will save a good chunk of change.

If you want to see those famous places then head out on your own! You don't need a pricey tour to get the whole experience. Plus a lot of great museums and parks are totally free wherever you go!

If you are hitting the beach bring everything you need with you so you aren't stuck buying overpriced necessities when you get there.


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