Vacation Smarter This Summer


Summertime is getting close! This year take a few steps to save and manage your money better so you can have fun without the huge spend.

No matter how well you plan vacations can get expensive quick. But that doesn't mean you shouldn't plan ahead. 

Find Those Deals

There are always deals on travel and hotels if you shop around. One way to get the best savings is to shop around deals and travel sites while periodically clearing your browser cache and cookies. Travel sites can track your activity through cookies so they can predict what you are looking for and raise the prices as you compare. While this practice isn't used on every site the dynamic pricing model can increase rates if the site knows you are interested in a certain timeframe or destination.

When you are ready to book utilize cash back websites and apps like eBates - many of the most popular travel booking sites will give you up to 10 percent cash back.

Find Those Off Dates

If you are really on a budget figure travel during off-peak days. While summer is a popular travel time there are bound to be slower times that will often be priced lower to fill rooms and seats. If you are not sure give the hotel or airline a call! Talking to a real human can be extremely beneficial in finding the best deal that might not be advertised.

Utilize Those Rewards

Now is the time to use or earn those rewards. If you are booking on a credit card it is worth it to use the one with the best rewards program. You can use those miles or savings for your next trip to save you money next year.

Additionally, now is the time to sign up or use those free loyalty cards that virtually every place of business has. Depending on the program loyalty cards can save you money and earn points on future trips without having any sort of commitment or cost.

Make A Budget

Before you leave the house set some limits. What are you comfortable spending on food? How about souvenirs? Setting a budget for each aspect of your trip can help you better plan what you are going to need. You don't have to sacrifice fun - figuring it out before you go can help you avoid those impulse purchases or the end of vacation panic where you spend the last few days trying to spend as little as possible.

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