Save by Cutting Your Cable Bill


We are in a television renaissance - and the price to participate has never been higher. How can you still get everything you want without paying the hefty price?

According to a survey by Leichtman Research Group the average cable bill is $103.70 per month, up four percent from last year. That's around $1,244 per year on the lower end. Yikes!

Since you don't want to miss out on any of the great shows of our time you can't just get rid of your cable all together. So what can you do?

Ditch The Extras

The first to go is DVR. How often do you set shows to record and then never end up watching them? Probably frequently. With the internet you can find episodes you missed right there on the network's website for free (after you login with your cable provider, of course). Networks also post full free episodes on Hulu and Youtube. If you pay for Hulu you have access to new shows on many networks only hours after they air.  Consider the DVR a relic of the past, like VHS.

You can also save when you get rid of those premium channels. If you can't let go of HBO (hello, Game of Thrones) you can simply get rid of it when the shows you watch aren't airing and add it back when they are. Most of the premium channels also have streaming options that can be less expensive and easily deactivated and reactivated throughout the year. 


Chances are you don't watch each of the thousand channels now available through any cable subscription. So grab a list of channels on your current contract and circle all those you actually watch. It's probably a pretty small list! Next time you sign that contract look for the pricing that only includes what you watch.

Get Rid Of It Alltogether

Despite the programming being better than ever, traditional cable television is in a decline. According to data by Nielsen in the five years between 2012 and 2017 TV viewing by 18-24-year-olds dropped by almost 10 hours a week. That's a 43.6 percent decline! In fact, each demographic has seen a notable drop in weekly viewing hours over the last five years.

So why is that happening? Streaming. Netflix and tools like the Apple TV have made subscribing to cable almost redundant. By paying for a few apps like Hulu and Netflix you get an impressive range of shows and movies that could probably rival your pricy cable contract. With the free apps for streaming TVs provided by networks you can pretty much find anything.

If you look at what you like and selected the appropriate subscriptions you could only spend $30-$40 per month than $103.

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