3 Ways To Save More This Year


Saving money is tough but sometimes you don't have to completely eliminate things that make you happy to put some money in the bank.

You're probably spending more money every month than you need to without even realizing it. Here are a few ways you can save a little more this year...

Renewing Subscriptions & App Purchases

We are in the age of technology and spending money has never been easier. You probably have a subscription to Netflix, Hulu or Amazon and maybe pay for a few apps. You also probably buy music on iTunes with a simple click or make other in-app purchases and don't event really think about it.

Taking a look at what you are paying for on a monthly basis can be a useful burst of reality. Are you using all those apps you are paying for? If not go through and unsubscribe. Do you make a lot of impulse purchases on iTunes or within apps? Be more mindful! Go through your purchase history and add up how much you spent on these kind of purchases last year and ask yourself - was it worth it?

Cell Phone Plan Bells & Whistles

Signing a cell phone contract is making a serious commitment. Before you sign your next one take a look at what exactly you are using. You can look at how much data you are using every month as well as calls and texts in your account details. Are you paying for unlimited data but only use 5G per month? Don't pay for what you argent using!

Many of us tend to overestimate what we use when it comes to our phones. Looking at the stats from the past year or even two can help you make smarter choices when selecting your next plan and carrier. 

Save The Change

If you are someone who uses a debit card for everything an add-on that would do you good is  something like Bank of America's "Keep The Change." Essentially the bank automatically rounds all of your transactions to the nearest whole dollar and puts the change into your savings account automatically. This is a great tool to save without thinking about it. If you don't have an account with Bank of America just investigate with your bank to see if they have a similar program or utilize an app that does it for you like Digit or Chime.

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