How To Find Post-Holiday Savings


The holiday season comes and goes in a flurry every year. This year make your post-holiday life a little happier with some smarter financial decisions.

Don’t Be Afraid To Return

For many of us returning a gift is not an option because we may offend the gift-giver. But this leaves you with things you will never use when it could have been exchanged for something you will end up buying for yourself later. This year lose that returning anxiety!

If you don’t like it, won’t see yourself using it or don’t need it (this goes for your kids as well) take it back. You have to make these decisions quickly if you have a receipt with a time limit. If you can get money or store credit back then great! Use that somewhere down the road on something you need. If you can only exchange look at the things you will likely need the most in the next year and make the wisest choice.

Save For Re-Gifting

If you got something you don’t need but can’t return it then set it aside for gifts in the coming year. Chances are it will work well as a gift for someone else next Christmas or even a birthday or special occasion. Set aside a box or a small storage space for these random gifting items and hit them first before running to the store.

Get Next Year’s Supplies Now

After the holidays you can get all the Christmas trimmings for pennies on the dollar. Do your holiday prep shopping 364 days early! Stock up on the things you will need for next year, now.

This might not save you hundreds but it will definitely add a few dollars back to your wallet. The best things to get are fake trees, lights and other large and often prices pieces.

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