3 Ways To Save More Without Making More


Saving money is something everyone wants to do but can’t always accomplish. Even if your income isn’t increasing there are still ways to get your savings started.

Minimize Dining Out Expenses

Dining out is one of the ways you can spend a ton of money and not even realize it. Take a look at your credit and debit card statements - how much are you spending on takeout, dinner out, coffee and lunch on the go? It’s probably more than you need to.

A quick way to free up some money every month is to be economical about how often you are dining out. Try cutting it down to once per week. Plan ahead and make your lunches for the week instead of stopping for a salad or sandwich everyday. Cooking more yourself can add up over the course of each month and give you a little extra money to save.

Cut Out Unused Subscriptions

If you are like most people you have subscriptions to things like streaming services, magazines, newspapers, apps, software and other things. How much are you using all of those? Take a look at what you pay for every month and think about if you are actually using it. If you don’t use it much then cancel it! That $15 a month adds up over time and can be put towards something you actually need.

Stop Overpaying For Things

You may be spending more than you need to on things you do use - things like car insurance, cell phones, cable and more. When was the last time you shopped around for a better price? Many of us get comfortable with what we have and can miss out on better deals based on what we actually use. Take a look at what you are paying for now and what you actually need. Are there places where you can make some changes and save money? Explore those!

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