How To Save More on Utility Bills


There are a few bills you simply cannot cut but that doesn’t mean you are stuck paying a ton of money forever. With a few lifestyle adjustments and tools you can cut your utility bills and save more money at home.

How much money do you spend every month on utilities? It’s probably higher than you would like. Despite needing things like electricity to live you don’t have to live with an inflated bill. Here are some ways to trim down your bills without eliminating them.

Be Mindful of Electrical Usage

Electricity bills can vary wildly season to season and can grow quickly. One way to trim the cost is to be mindful of the temperature of your home. Consider lowering the heat a couple of degrees in the winter and increasing a couple degrees in the summer. A small reduction can take the pressure off the heating and cooling system allowing it to work more efficiently and save more energy.

Also be sure that you aren’t paying for electricity use when you aren’t home. When you go to work or spend time away from the home decrease the temperature, unplug some appliances and keep the lights off or on timers. Why spend money on electricity when no one is using it? If you are forgetful you can easily install programmable timers to regulate these things so you don’t have to think about it.

If you want to take another step consider insulating your home and plugging gaps in windows and doors where heat escapes. In no time you will see that savings on your electrical bill!

Waste Less Water

A simple way to cut down your water bill - use less water! A big way you can do this is by being more mindful when doing laundry. Stop running the washer for only a few items and wait to only run full loads so you aren’t wasting water. This also applies to the dishwasher. Additionally, cutting down shower times and switching from baths will also save you some water.

If you are someone who waters your lawn frequently this is also a place to make some cuts. Watering the lawn is not so necessary and most of that water is running off and evaporating anyway. Do a little research to what you actually need to do and stick to that.

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