Turn Unqualified Buyers Into Homeowners


Not every person who walks into a real estate or mortgage brokers office is qualified to buy a home but some of them are only a little bit of financial help away. Wouldn’t you like to help more of those people rather than turn them away?

At National Financial Credit Group we work with real estate agents and mortgage brokers to make more unqualified buyers mortgage ready.

What we do is simple - we partner with real estate agents and mortgage brokers so they can free up their time to work with customers who are ready to buy while we work with their unqualified potential customers.

Agents and brokers simply pass along these unqualified buyers to us and continue their work. We work with the customer and once they have their finances in mortgage shape we send them back to you so you can get them on the way to home ownership.

Why spend time on unqualified buyers?

By working with people who are eager to buy you increase closing rates and can increase revenue by up to 20%. These people are ready to take the next step in life and often only need a little work to turn into clients.

You can see a turnaround in as little as 6 months with very little work on your end. You can maintain your active business while new customers are being readied simultaneously.

Also by taking an interest you make your customers feel like you really care - ensuring loyalty and lots of glowing comments to their family and friends. People appreciate someone helping them make their dreams come true and they talk about it with others. Increase in word of mouth is important in such localized professions like real estate.

As America’s Best Kept Secret, we offer our valued partners benefits you won’t find every day, and a reciprocal business relationship that could boost your revenue by up to 20%. Interested? Take some time to discover why mortgage brokers across the nation are proud to call National their trusted friends and business partners and give us a call at (800) 431-0449.