Road Trip On A Budget


Are you looking forward to getting away? Have fun this summer by planning a road trip that will bring you joy and not strain your wallet.

Traveling at any time of the year is all about planning. If you wait until the last minute prices go up and available options go down. If you are looking to save money this summer by taking a road or train trip you will still want to plan ahead like you are taking a flight.

Bring What You Need

One of the biggest expenses when traveling is buying food and other small purchases. If you are going on a longer journey, especially in the car, pack you snacks and meals before you go! You will save a lot of money and will probably eat better as well. If you don’t want to brown bag every meal set aside money to pay for one on the road.

If the trip is the vacation (rather than the destination) think about what food you would really like to indulge in and leave some space for that. There is no need to splurge on snacks and drinks constantly when granola bars and reusable water bottles are cheap to bring from home.

Plan Your Stops Ahead Of Time

A great way to stay on budget is to plan the route and all of your stops before you leave. With the various different travel apps and GPS technology you can really see the minutiae of your journey even from your couch. If you have an idea of the length of your trip you can make fewer stops and will have to go out of your way to get gas and food less and less.

Planning out your accommodations is also important and can keep you from overspending out of desperation. Figure out the maximum amount of time you can stand driving for and look for accommodations in the area. You don’t necessarily need to pre-book but it helps to have an idea of your options ahead of time.

Embrace Free Attractions

Road trips are boring if you don’t get to get out of the car and see the sights! Luckily along many major routes you can find an abundance of free or cheap attractions. Search your route, travel guides and blogs to find attractions that will interest you and seek those out. You don’t have to pay a fortune to see some amazing things!

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