Travel This Summer Without The Credit Card Debt


One of the best parts of summer is the opportunity to travel! Whether you like going somewhere with sandy beaches or places full of history and culture one thing you don’t want to bring home is a ton of credit card debt.

The memories of a great trip should outlast the debt accumulated from it. How can you satisfy your wanderlust without racking up a ton on your credit card?

Be Realistic & Do Research 

A cruise through the Mediterranean sounds great but will it work with your budget? Take the things you like the most about your dream vacation and look for them elsewhere - most likely somewhere closer to home. With a little research you are sure to find a great place that you may have overlooked. There are plenty of lesser-known places that can make an incredible and affordable getaway. Start by browsing through travel and budget travel websites to discover a hidden gem!

Travel Smart

You want to spend as much on your actual vacation as possible so don’t blow your budget on getting there! If you are going somewhere closer to home driving or taking a train may be more affordable than flying. In other cases flying could be the most affordable. Consider all of your options before booking so you can get the best deals. If you are traveling with a group it may be more affordable to rent a bigger car than book 5 or 6 seats on an airplane.

Once you find your travel method compare prices. There are loads of great travel sites that show you a variety of prices on many different airlines side-by-side. Consider day of the week, and time when you are booking as well. Off times will always be cheaper than the popular travel dates.

Make A Budget

Once you have booked travel and accommodations you will have a pretty good idea how much your trip is already going to cost you. Think about the amount you can afford to spend on your trip and factor in food, entertainment and souvenirs.

Crafting a budget can take the spontaneity out of anything but having an idea will help you stay within your budget. Consider bringing cash or loading up a prepaid credit card to keep you on track and away from impulse purchases - but always take a credit card for emergencies!

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