Save Money (and the Environment) With These Home Hacks


Going green and helping save the environment has never been more popular. But did you know that adopting a few green behaviors in your life could also save you some money?

A two-for! You can save some green while you go green. You don’t need a full home retrofit or a corn-powered car, either. 

Turn Down The Heat!

Being comfy and cozy is irresistible, especially in the winter. But did you know that if you moved the thermostat down only a few of degrees you could reduce your energy usage and bill? According to the Department of Energy you can save up to 10% a year on your heating bill by turning your thermostat back 7°-10°F for 8 hours a day from your normal setting. Many people do this while they are at work or at night when they are asleep. The more you make your heating system work the more energy it uses. A recommended setting is 68° while you are home and in the house.

You can do this by using a programmable thermostat that will do this for you or simply remembering to turn down the heat before you head to work. This same principle works in the summer with your air conditioning as well.

Weatherize Your Home

A great way to lessen the burden on your heating system is to weatherize your home. Adding insulation and sealing the gaps between doors, windows and even electrical sockets can do a world of difference. If a home is well weatherized a heating system has an easier time achieving and maintaining a warm temperature. This goes for homes as well as apartments! You can’t always change the physical building but you can certainly get rid of any air leakage affecting your apartment.

Turn Off The Lights

Well, you don’t have to actually live in the dark but being aware of your electricity usage is key to decreasing it. A simple change is to install energy efficient light bulbs everywhere in your home. These bulbs use a fraction of the electricity and last significantly longer. Also be aware of leaving lights on when areas aren’t in use. It may sound incredibly simple (and it is) but anything helps lower that utility bill.

Adjust Appliance Usage

Getting new Energy Star appliances is the best way to maximize efficiency but you can still shave off some savings with what you already have. Many appliances use the bulk of their energy on temperature regulation. Your refrigerator is a great example of this. You can increase the temperature in your fridge and freezer and cut down on how much electricity it needs to function. The fresh portion can safely cool between 35 and 38 degrees. Also make sure that it has a tight seal and foods are wrapped properly since moisture makes the compressor work even harder.

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