Save Money & Energy In The Heat


Summer can be a brutal time of the year - the sun is shining and the temperatures are always climbing. Keeping cool can be hard but it doesn't have to be so hard on your wallet.

Using air conditioning or fans to combat the sweltering heat during July and August can run you up big electrical bills that can be tough to pay off. You don't have to be miserable if you want to save a few dollars you just need to take a few steps and cut a few corners.

Find The Highest Comfortable Temperature

If you have air conditioning you will naturally want to crank it on those hot days but that is pulling a ton of energy from the electrical grid. Instead turn the thermostat up a bit and find a temperature that is cooler than outside but not arctic.

The few degrees higher you set the thermostat the less your air conditioning has to work. Start off by increasing the temperature a few degrees each day until you find that sweet spot that is still comfortable for you to live in.

Insulate And Block Out The Sun

Having a well insulated home is a great way to save money in the summer and winter on temperature control. But if you don't have time to insulate your home opt instead for simple tactics to keep out the sun.

Hang blackout or opaque shades in windows and doors to block out the sunlight during the day. Reducing the amount of direct sunlight that peers into your home can lower the temperature naturally by several degrees.

Nix The Super-Hot Water

When it's already sweltering outside the last thing you want to do is to slave over a hot stove or take a piping hot shower. To conserve energy and save some money, turn down the temperature on the water heater. Heating water takes more energy thank you would think and lowering that by even a few degrees can save a chunk on electricity costs. 

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