4 Holiday Travel Budget Hacks


Holiday season is right around the corner. Now is the time to get your travel plans in order to snag the best deals and get where you are going the way you want.

Holiday travel is sometimes a necessary evil. Dragging gifts from plane to plane, huge crowds and skyrocketing rates can ruin anyone’s season. But before the season is on top of us you should consider a few travel hacks to keep your sanity come November and December.

Be Flexible

When you are scheduling flights and other transportation you have to let go of your rigid schedules. Around the holidays there are a few key travel dates that will be the most crowded and the most expensive. There is no reason you have to travel on those days. Can you get there a little earlier? What about traveling in the middle of the week instead of the weekend? How about an early or late flight? If you are willing to to be flexible with your schedule then you can save a bundle when it comes to fees and fares.

Pack Light

If you are headed to see family during the holidays there is no need to pack absolutely everything. You will likely be coming home with much more than you left with and could face big fees for additional baggage or weight overages. Take inventory of what you absolutely need and bring only that. If you are allowed two checked bags but don’t have a lot of stuff fill each half way so you have the space in a second bag for a return trip.

Evaluate Your Credit Card Rewards

Don’t miss out on travel rewards! Many credit cards come with some kind of travel reward program. Before you book take a look at yours to see what they could get you. You may find it cheaper to go with a more expensive airline if the rewards are better. It’s all about evaluating what you have and where you are headed.

Book Your Flight On Tuesday

Believe it or not booking your flight or hotel on a Tuesday can save you money. Many travelers have found that Tuesday booking brought the best prices. While you are browsing make sure to utilize your browser’s “private mode” or clear the cache often - travel sites can inflate prices if they know you are looking for something specific.

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