How To Save on Utilities This Winter


There are some expenses you cannot avoid - but that doesn't mean you can't lower them.

Utilities are necessary but spending a ton isn't. You can save money each month by making updates to your home to save energy and being more conscious about how much energy you are using. It's time to take a hard look at your bills and your habits and start making changes.

Be More Aware

The easiest way to reduce energy usage and costs is to simply use less. Start with simple things like turning off lights when you aren't in a room and unplugging appliances that aren't in use.

Another great trick is to adjust your thermostat to a lower temperature. Just a degree or two difference can save a good deal of energy and won't change the comfort of your home all that much.

Heating water is a big energy drain, especially in the winter. To ease energy usage take slightly shorter showers and try washing your clothes in cold water

Upgrade Your Home

A few simple upgrades here and there can make your home more energy efficient which is great for the environment and your budget! Here are a few ways to do that...


  • Replace lightbulbs in your home with energy efficient compact fluorescent LED bulbs. These bulbs use less electricity and last a lot longer while providing the amount of light you need.


  • Make sure your home is well insulated. If you can't afford new insulation throughout the home take some time and seal gaps in the doors and windows. Also be sure to insulate light switches and and outlets as that is a place where heat is often lost.


  • Since heating water takes an enormous amount of energy make sure that your water heater and pipes are insulated and in good working order. If they are losing heat while heating up they will just require more and more energy.


  • Buy a programmable thermostat and set it for a lower temperature for when your home is empty. If no one is in in the house there is no reason the heat has to be pumping out of the ducts. Programmable thermostats will allow you to set times for increases and decreases in temperature so you can save energy without a second thought.


  • Put outdoor lights on motion detectors. Instead of leaving the lights on all night a motion detector will allow the lights to only turn open when someone is in the vicinity.


  • Increase the temperature of your fridge and freezer a few degrees. While not adjusting the temperature to spoil your food, you can set the refrigerator and freezer to slightly higher temperatures so that it is easier for the appliance to maintain.

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