2 Best Free Credit Monitoring Tools


Knowledge is power. Knowing what is happing with your credit is invaluable in today's high-tech world. But which of the thousands of tools are legitimate and effective?

Familiarizing yourself with what is on your credit report is essential to identifying fraud. Get to know your habits and the changes that are made by utilizing a free tool that shines a little light on your activity. But before you just download the first app that you see make sure it is secure and will give your what you need. Here are two that are trusted by millions and completely free...

Credit Karma

The advertisements may make the service seem a little sketchy but the service is actually a great tool in monitoring your credit. The secure website shows you reports from both TransUnion and Equifax which is essential since several agencies create credit reports and they may not all be the same.

The site lets you see your report and score and allows you to use a credit simulator to see what changes you can make to increase your score. Credit Karma also teaches you which parts of your credit report carry the most weight and why which helps you understand how your habits affect your credit.

With a simple design this is a very user friendly tool to keep an eye on your credit.

Learn more at creditkarma.com

Credit Sesame

This app is very similar to Credit Karma with a report pulled from TransUnion. One of the major differences is that Credit Sesame gives you some great resources for making smart financial decisions and changes to increase your score. The app also shows your total debt owed which is a great way to see the whole picture in a very easy to understand way.

Additionally the app offers up to $50,000 in identity theft insurance as well as help restoring your identity just for being a user, a perk that makes it a no brainer for anyone worried about their identity being stolen.

Learn more at creditsesame.com