How To Deal With Unqualified Buyers (Without Losing Their Business)


If you work in real estate or the mortgage business chances are you've had many experiences with unqualified buyers. But what if those prospects could be turned around?

Unqualified buyers are difficult to deal with as a real estate agent - do you still show to them? Will sellers be angry if an unqualified buyer is looking at their home? When is the right time to pursue their status as a buyer?

There are few things more aggravating to a seller and agent than an offer being accepted and papers being drawn only to be abruptly halted because the buyer is not qualified for the mortgage loan. 

As a real estate agent it is your duty to bring together buyers and sellers who are looking for close to the same thing. If you don't do your due diligence up front you risk losing a sale and enraging a seller. But if you show every unqualified buyer the door right away you risk losing their business when they are in better shape a short ways down the road.

What if you didn't have to immediately drop every unqualified buyer? Chances are many of the unqualified buyers you encounter are well meaning people looking to make a big life change. Most of those people will be denied because of their credit report and score shows some troubling history. For many of those people the damage to their report is not severe nor permanent and with a little help they can soon be real business.

That's where we come in. We can take those unqualified buyers you encounter and in a short time work with them to get their finances in shape for pre-approval. Not only do you not waste your time on clients who will never bring in commissions but you make an impact on someone's life that will be repaid through glowing recommendations to friends and family.

When you partner with National Financial Credit Group you will have access to our partner dashboard so you can keep track of the unqualified buyers you've sent our way and pick right back up when their credit score has improved.

It's time to turn that traffic into business!