Protecting Yourself With LifeLock


Since the Equifax breach many people are taking a good hard look at what they are doing to protect themselves from identity theft. One tool people are flocking to in droves is LifeLock.

While freezing your credit may be a good way to stop fraudulent credit cards and loans it will not protect you entirely. If your information has fallen into the wrong hands scammers can cause a lot more the just financial problems - in fact the financial problems may be the easiest to deal with.

Since the Equifax breach many people are looking for a comprehensive service that can save them time and money by monitoring their identity completely. One of the most utilized services is LifeLock.

The Service

LifeLock is a subscription service that monitors everything to do with your identity to catch anything suspect before it becomes a problem.

The service has seen traffic to its website increase more than six times and enrollment has increased by nearly 10 times since news of the breach hit the papers according to Bloomberg

The service is comprehensive and a good tool for those who often worry if their information is in the wrong hands. In addition to watching for credit fraud LifeLock also monitors applications for loans, address changes, criminal offenses committed with your identity, your information on the dark web, new aliases associated with your information and new accounts.

The Cost

What will a little peace of mind cost you? Luckily there are several options so you can pick which services suit your life the best. At most the service will cost you $29.99 for the LifeLock Ultimate Plus Plan.

The Conclusion

But of course LifeLock is not the only option and some valid criticisms have been lodged about the company in the past so it is essential that you do your homework before choosing the right service and pricing plan for you.

Check out the list of services and pricing plans available on the LifeLock website to get started.

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