About us


Having a solid financial footing is essential in today’s modern world.

Almost everything - from interest rates and refinancing plans to credit limits and start-up capital for new businesses - is based on important factors like previous credit history, current status, and future financial risk. If you, as a borrower, have taken credit hits in the past, it can potentially close doors, eliminate opportunities, and make major purchases nearly impossible.

At National Financial Credit Group (National), we give you that solid footing and ensure you have the credit and resources you need for a brighter financial tomorrow!

What We Do

Financial Evaluation

National Financial Credit Group takes an intimate and personalized approach to your unique financial assistance program. We evaluate your credit picture and generate the best game plan possible for you. Sometimes, that’s just some quick advice and pointing you in the right direction. Other times, that means enrolling you in our program to drastically improve your credit scores and guide you through everything, step-by-step.  


With access to your financial information, National then actively disputes ALL of your negative line items with ALL 3 BUREAUS (Experian, Equifax, and Transunion) from Day 1 and escalates as needed. Other companies negotiate with 1 bureau at a time; prolonging the process and costing you more time and money in the long run!

Debt Eradication

After we work out the details during the various stages of your customized plan, our proven formula then PERMANENTLY deletes negative items from your credit profile, while simultaneously adding positive ones and providing the information you need to prevent any future issues! You also get personalized Portal Access so that you can easily track your progress, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Who We Are:

For more than a decade, National has been helping honest, hard-working people restore and revitalize their credit, manage their money more effectively, and achieve their financial goals. Our vast network of resources allows us to partner with the top financial professionals from across the nation and introduce useful credit repair evaluations and strategies that work. Our step-by-step program is 100% transparent – just like our company - and we pride ourselves on our integrity, honesty, and ethical service.

Who We Help:

  • Have you been looking for a way to create a better financial future for yourself or your family?

  • Have you recently been hit with a bankruptcy, tax lien, foreclosure, or negative accounts?

  • Have you experienced financial hardships and want to get back on track?

  • Have you been a victim of identity theft?

What We Can Do:

In helping you improve your credit profile, we offer a variety of essential financial services, such as:   

  • Help To Raise Your Credit Score

  • Credit Evaluation & Auditing

  • Functional Financial Strategy Creation

  • Credit Improvement Techniques

  • Foreclosure Prevention

  • Bankruptcy Prevention

  • And more…

These services, as part of our advanced program, are proven to repair credit and settle debts, quickly and efficiently. Best of all, most services of this kind take years to turn things around. National Financial Credit Group will help you become “Credit-Worthy” in 6 months or less! We are fully devoted to our clients and stand behind our work 100%!

If you’ve been hindered by bad personal credit before, or you’re a hungry financial professional ready to kick your practice into overdrive, don’t wait! Call National Financial Credit Group right now at 800-431-0449, and join a family of financial educators, dedicated to help you achieve your financial dreams with integrity, honesty, and ethical service!    




Partnering with National:

By becoming a partner with National, you are not only helping your clients to invest in themselves and get their credit and financial standing back on track in an efficient timeframe, you are helping your own business, too! Together, we can transform customers with credit issues into productive spenders, quickly and easily. National can help them get the resources and assistance they need so that they can return to you, take that positive action, and make the purchases they set out to make.

Are you a...?

Mortgage Broker, Real Estate Agent, Tax Attorney, CPA?

We help prepare your clients to make important financial commitments in a more responsible way. Home and car purchases, better money management, getting taxes in order – clients who work with us will always return to you, fully-prepared for what is next.  

They are FINALLY ready to close on their home with you, see their dreams fulfilled, and their financially-strong futures fully realized.  



The Benefits of Partnership:

But it’s not just our customers who benefit greatly from this type of partnership. If you’re business owner – such as the professionals listed above – and you align your enterprise with National Financial Credit Group, your company sees rewards as well!

We offer a partner portal for fast, easy, transparent reporting on customer success. This portal acts as a link between you and your customer and helps you to maintain that essential connection. Using the partner portal, you will see as we walk your customer through everything, step-by-step, and ensure the best experience possible, start to finish.

Other partnership benefits include:

  • Differentiating Yourself From Your Competitors With A Trusted Credit Partner

  • Strengthening Your Personal Relationship With Clients

  • More Closings For Good People (You & Your Clients)

  • Increased Revenue, Year over Year (20% on avg.)

  • Improved Efficiency for Quicker Closings

  • New, Loyal, Lifelong Clients Producing More Referrals for You

  • Peace of Mind through Transparency & High Standards

  • Professional Soundboard for Your Convenience

  • And so much more…