Christie R. | Client

I cannot thank Chris enough for allowing me to regain financial freedom.

I was referred to Chris at National FCG to help fix my credit.  I was in an extreme bind due to an unfortunate situation of gambling addiction my ex-husband had. He had used my name for several credit cards and business transactions persuading me that using my name would benefit us somehow with tax write offs, credit etc. As I was busy working, running a home and taking care of two small children I didn’t question and trusted his advice. His gambling spiraled out of control over time and he eventually went missing.  I lost my home and found a small home to rent in the same town as not to disrupt my children as much as possible.  The owner of the home wanted to sell after 3 years and I was determined not to uproot my children again.  The mortgage specialist I was working with referred me to Chris at National FCG in order to help fix my credit that had been ruined . Several years had now passed with summons from collection companies etc.

Chris was able to take my information and guide me in the direction to fix my credit. Within 6 months as he promised, I was able to buy the home I had been renting and keep my boys settled where we were. I cannot explain the relief of stress and anxiety that had been released. I am so thankful for his help and advice.  I did what he advised and was able to regain great credit and buy my home.  I am forever grateful.

Christie R.

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