What We Never Learned 101

We always knew growing up that there was something scary out in the world called credit, but we never learned how exponentially it affects our daily lives. We never learned about the sleepless nights, the increased payments, and how much our dreams and financial goals can be crushed; all because of credit. We go about life charging credit cards, paying accounts, and purchasing items from our goal list, yet we don't realize how our habits can hinder our dreams. We know that credit exists, but most of the time we don't realize that it's important until it's too late. 


Don’t Worry, Here’s Why:


Good news! Someone else has already been in your shoes and found a way out! That means not only is it possible to succeed, but we also know the best way to help you also! Trying to mend your financial situation? Here’s one of the biggest tricks you need to know: Credit Utilization Ratio. Stay tuned until next time to learn more about Credit Utilization and how it affects your goals. 


Adam Briggs